MDPI, Anova, and Harta Samudra Receive Award for Traceability Implementation

JAKARTA, June 18, 2019 – MDPI Foundation, Anova, and Harta Samudra collaborated with Bumble Bee Seafoods and the German-based company SAP logistics to successfully implement blockchain technology for strengthening traceability in supply chains sourcing from small-scale handline fisheries. This implementation is the first in Indonesia and the world for small-scale fisheries.

Blane Olson, Director of Anova Technical Services, LLC said that blockchain has an important role in seafood traceability. “Blockchain is the ultimate tool to combine all existing seafood related technologies, into a common stream, to ensure transparency, traceability, food safety accountability and legal reported fisheries activities from the fishing vessel to the end consumer.” said Blane.

This successful improvement of traceability is also a benefit for Indonesian handline fisheries. This shows that Indonesia can continue to be a front runner in the efforts to successfully implement sustainability measures in fisheries. Fishermen can demonstrate that they operate within a traceable and legal supply chain, and can be guaranteed of the related Fair Trade Premium Fund being reliably and quickly calculated from their catch.

As a form of appreciation for the success in implementing traceability in small-scale fisheries, the event Luncheon will be held on June 18, 2019 along with MDPI, Anova, and Harta Samudra partners. The purpose of this event is to commemorate the presentation of the SAP Innovation Award for Social Hero to MDPI, Anova Food, and Harta Samudra for their current work on blockchain technology and the implementation of Fair Trade in Indonesia in small-scale handline yellowfin tuna fisheries. The three partners are honored to receive this award, selected from 433 candidates globally.

TraceTales is an innovative traceability system developed by MDPI, with support from the USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership. TraceTales was instrumental in facilitating the successful implementation of the blockchain technology for the Indonesian yellowfin handline supply chain. The TraceTales solution will be an important industry leading platform to integrate additional fisheries throughout Indonesia to increase supply chain visibility, optimization, and full transparency of the Indonesia fish industry.

Saut Tampubolon, Executive Director of MDPI said that developing traceability system is very challenging. “It can be very challenging to implement Blockchain technology for a small-scale fishery, composed of thousands of independent one-manned vessels and operating on remote islands, but MDPI has made it happen by developing a software solution for seafood processors capturing, storing, and managing product data electronically, “TRACETALES”. MDPI is committed to continuing the development of the TraceTales system to support the achievement of sustainable fisheries management from an environmental, social and economic perspective. On this occasion, we are very proud to receive this award, encouraging us to be a leader in innovating Indonesian fisheries for the future,” added Saut.


TraceTales and SAP blockchain is currently installed in PT Harta Samudra in two processing plants: in Ambon, and Buru. It is also installed in PT Aneka Sumber Tata Bahari Tulehu, Central Maluku and in PT Blue Ocean Grace International (BOGI) Bitung, North Sulawesi. Since 2018, nearly 2,300 tons of frozen loin product from the five plants can be traced using the TraceTales system.

The TraceTales system will be available to all Indonesian seafood processors and MDPI will work with industry to expand and improve Indonesian seafood traceability, food safety, transparency and sustainability and, hence improving the worldwide business success of Indonesian Seafood Companies.