Si Kompas Nelayan: Empowering Fishing Households to Achieve Long-term Financial Goals

In 2023, MDPI has successfully implemented long-term financial management training to fishing households through the Si Kompas Nelayan program. The game is designed to enhance coastal communities’ capacity to achieve their financial targets, dreams, and aspirations.

Introducing Si Kompas Nelayan

The financial literacy program for fishing households is a crucial step toward economic improvement and diversifying livelihoods. MDPI has launched the second phase of its capacity-building program, introducing the financial simulation game “Si Kompas Nelayan.”

“Si Kompas Nelayan,” which stands for “Simulasi Kelola Mimpi dan Asa Nelayan,” helps coastal families enhance their financial skills to achieve long-term goals.

During training, coastal families prioritize financial goals by exploring avenues such as business development, asset investment, and education.

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An educational game that inspires 50 coastal households

After the game, trainers will facilitate post-game discussion with participants, promoting insights for their long-term management practices.

In 2023, Phase Two of Financial Literacy Training engaged 111 participants from over 50 coastal families across MDPI’s areas in Maluku, West Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, and North Sulawesi.

Participants not only played the game but also kept a daily investment book to record their short-, medium-, and long-term goals. This helps families prioritize needs and save income for their dreams. Fishing households were also advised to explore alternative income sources like self-employment.

Packed with sustainable fisheries messages

The “Si Kompas Nelayan” training goes beyond finance by including messages about sustainable fisheries. Participants simulate the role of fishers who must follow these principles.

As they progress through the game, they face scenarios where they can obtain full marine licenses. They must decide how to handle Endangered, Protected, and Threatened species while meeting regulations, with each choice having specific consequences.

Yuliastuti, a coastal family member from South Sulawesi who has benefited from Si Kompas Nelayan, shared that the training helped her understand the concept of sustainable fisheries. It also encouraged her to make small changes in how she handles coastal waste.

Yuliastuti, a fisheries business owner and mother in South Sulawesi, stressed the importance of environmental health for her business and well-being. “The concept of sustainable fisheries in financial literacy training encourages me to implement it because ecosystem health impacts my family’s economics,” she said.

Financial literacy training has encountered various lessons and challenges. One major challenge is limited access to capital from financial institutions familiar with coastal family finances. MDPI plans to refine the financial literacy model to ensure coastal family economic sustainability.

Financial Literacy Phase 2 training continues in 2024 to reach more fishing households, promoting financial literacy and sustainable fisheries practices.