Overview - Focused on sustainable fisheries

Focused on
sustainable fisheries

Founded in July 2013, Yayasan Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) is a national NGO on a mission to empower coastal communities to achieve sustainability by supporting community organization and harnessing market forces. Our vision is thriving coastal communities who are active participants and leaders in sustainable fisheries management.


Our Story

Our organization is founded on the belief that empowered and financially secure fishing communities are essential for achieving sustainable fisheries. We focus on small-scale fisheries to promote sustainable, fair, and traceable seafood supply chains. The MDPI program series is designed for tangible and lasting outcomes within the communities we engage with.

What we do

Fisheries Improvement

MDPI develops the necessary mechanisms and tools to gather and analyze fisheries data, enabling adaptive fisheries management practices. We take a comprehensive approach that involves data collection, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building.

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Community Organization

MDPI empowers and strengthens the capacities of coastal communities, enabling them to actively participate in fisheries management and advocate for their well-being. We foster leadership, organizational skills, and knowledge sharing.

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Traceability Technology

MDPI is the leader of traceability-based technology implementation to capture events and data from hook to plate to ensure small-scale fisheries are in compliance with the domestic regulations and export market requirements.

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10 years of experience

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Latest Stories

Reviving the Fisheries Co-Management Committee in East Nusa Tenggara

MDPI, collaborating with the Nusa Tenggara Department of Marine and Fisheries (DKP), reinitiates the Regular Fisheries Co-Management Committee (FCMC) to integrate government programs with partners, aiming for sustainable and responsible fisheries management. The event, held on Thursday (02/05) at the Kristal Hotel Kupang, saw 76 attendees from diverse policy stakeholders and institutions engaged in fisheries,…

May 15, 2024
Indonesia Leads the Way in Sustainable Tuna Fisheries Management

As the world observes World Tuna Day on May 2nd, Indonesia proudly stands as a beacon of sustainable tuna fisheries management and resource stewardship. Indonesia’s strategic geographical position between the Pacific and Indian Oceans and its vast territorial waters and islands make it a key player in the global seafood industry. With a fisheries potential…

May 3, 2024
Coalition calls for regional harvest strategy to sustain yellowfin tuna in Western Central Pacific Ocean

2 May 2024, Bali – On World Tuna Day, fisheries scientists and policy-makers of Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam urged for a stronger collective vision and regional strategy to secure yellowfin tuna fisheries in the Western Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO). Gathering at a fourth dialogue since 2022, the delegates expressed a rising urgency for…

May 2, 2024

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