Head office:

Denpasar, Bali Province

MDPI’s Head Office is located in Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. Since establishment in 2013, the majority of administrative, planning, and coordination responsibilities for the organization have been carried out here. It currently has 19 staff based here that provide technical backstopping for various programs across MDPI’s sites in 6 provinces. MDPI is currently developing partnerships to begin implementing activities in Bali.

Some photos of the MDPI's activities in the Denpasar head office

Geographical detail

Denpasar is the largest city within the Nusa Tenggara area and the second largest city in Eastern Indonesia, after Makassar. The ever-growing tourism industry in Bali has in extent made Denpasar as one of the island’s biggest business centers, resulting in high development and local income rates. Strategically positioned in between the nation’s Capital and the rest of MDPI sites, Bali serves as the perfect location for MDPI’s main office.