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MDPI was founded in July 2013 as an independent foundation focused on achieving responsible and sustainable fisheries activities and attempting to provide on-going care for the conservation of fisheries resources and ecosystems of Indonesia and the region.

Small-scale artisanal fisheries are the main focus of MDPI’s work. We support the development of the fishing communities and supply chains of these fisheries through programs that support economic improvements and social stability for the people. These activities are conducted within the supply chain of varied seafood products by supporting industry to ‘do the right thing’ regarding sustainability, social aspects and other market- driven demands.

An important aspect of our work is building networks and partnerships with various organizations, such as national and international universities, district, central and provincial governments, development agencies, NGOs, nationally- and internationally-based industry and others. We feel that together we are stronger and the wider the spectrum of work towards sustainability the quicker and more successful the path towards it will be.

Fishery Improvement

Fisheries Improvement is the core of MDPI’s work and the driver of the MDPI’s other programs and departments. read more…

Supply Chain

Supply chain department are the “glue” that connects each stake holder on aspects related to producing a transparent, traceable and high quality product. read more…

Fair Trade

In 2014, MDPI became the implementing partner for the first pilot project of Fair Trade USA–SEAFOOD, where Coral Triangle Processors — a processor and also exporter of Yellowfin Tuna is the client/certificate holder. read more…

Communication & Development

The Communication and Development Department promotes MDPI activities externally through biweekly updates, newsletters, annual reports, activity updates and internally through a system of trip reports and weekly meetings. read more…

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