Site Profile 2020

Sula, North Maluku Province

The abundant catch of tuna forms Sanana site potentially for the development of sustainable fisheries programs through Fair Trade and data collection. Established in 2018, with over 3 years of implementation, MDPI has been working in 2 villages, 1 landing site, 3 fisher associations, directly supporting 159 fishers, and has now grown with support from MDPI for MSC expansion in 2021 as another achievement of eco-label to increase catch standards in sustainable ways.

Some photos of the MDPI's activities in Sula

The Main Activities


MDPI implements port-side data collection activities in 1 landing site. On the water, MDPI deploys onboard observers, time-lapse cameras (TLC) and pelagic data system (PDS). In order to increase traceability, transparency and safety in the fishery, MDPI has registered 28 vessels to get pas kecil and 21 vessels to get BPKP. Data collected in Sula is uploaded into I-Fish, shared annually with fishers through a data sharing event, and bi-annually under a provincial-level management platform established by MDPI (an FCMC in North Maluku province).



MDPI has been implementing the FTUSA standard with Sula fishers for 3+ years. The FTUSA supply chain includes 5 suppliers and 3 processors. With over 3 years of FT implementation, the Sanana FT Committee received Rp 1.879.425.439 in premium payments. In a global achievement, the Sula FTUSA fishers became MSC certified in April 2021



  • Vessels: 122
  • Fishers: 159
  • Fisher Associations: 5
  • Technology e-Monitoring: 137
  • Total kg of port sampling: 21.762 kg