Site Profile 2022

Bone, South Sulawesi Province

Bone supports improvement in small-scale fisheries through activities such as port sampling data collection, fisheries co-management, community capacity building, and playing a supportive role to the local government in developing management plans. With over 8 years of implementation, MDPI’s work spans 1 village, 4 landing sites, and directly supports 744 fishers to ensure better awareness of sustainability of their fishery. Established in 2012, MDPI also supports the community in accessing information relating to small-scale fisheries in Indonesia, allowing for their integration into national management plans. In 2021, Bone started implementing a community organization program to expand the scope of work in increasing community awareness on the importance of sustainable fisheries.

Some photos of the MDPI's activities in Bone

The Main Activities


MDPI implements port-side data collection activities in 4 landing sites. On the water, MDPI deploys onboard observers, time lapse camera (TLC), pelagic data system (PDS), reolink, and spot trace. Data collected in Bone is uploaded into I-Fish, shared annually with fishers through a data sharing event, and bi-annually under a provincial-level management platform established by MDPI (an FCMC in South Sulawesi province).



Understanding that increased availability of fisheries data is not enough, MDPI works on increasing local fishing communities’ welfare through capacity building and community organization. MDPI has helped establish a cooperative (Koperasi Kembali Muda Mandiri) and empowers coastal community member through the formation of local “champions”.



  • Vessel: 102
  • Fisher: 744
  • Technology e-Monitoring: 53
  • Total kg of port sampling: 462.335 kg