TraceTales Logo Filosophy

  • Meaning of name :
  • TraceTales is traceability system (Trace) that provides information on the origin of the product so that the ‘story’ of the product can be shared with interested parties (Tales)
  • Meaning of color :
  • Trace – Dark Blue: represent blue ocean (fish in the sea), Tales (light blue): represent fisheries product when it’s out of the sea.
  • Curved Fish Logo :
  • Curved fish logo represents software is used specifically for seafood processors and arches, it means being able to trace the origin of seafood products.

We believe complying with international and national traceability and sustainability requirements should not be prohibitive for Indonesian small-scale fisheries. This is why we focused on developing a digital traceability system that can both improve employee productivity whilst also enabling the company to more efficiently manage production data. Such a system can improve data availability, is quick to deploy, provide better data security features and faster data analytics.