Marine Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody (CoC, July 2016 – November 2017)

With respect to MSC certification of Indonesian small-scale handline and pole and line tuna fisheries, MDPI, in close partnership with AP2HI, IPNLF and UNIDO, conducted a traceability assessment as a preparatory measure to ensure that the supply chains, if MSC certified, can also achieve the CoC requirements. Site assessments were conducted from September to October 2016 in Maluku, Kendari and Bitung and involved nine processing companies. It aimed to identify gaps and obstacles in the current traceability system which is likely to lead to risks of product substitution and mixing. Afterwards, a workshop was organized in November 2016 to present the findings, further followed up by developing an action plan to remediate the risks identified before the final certification decision. A traceability officer has been hired by AP2HI to work closely with the industry to improve the traceability system in their factory. It is hoped that this project will run consecutively to the full assessment period and will have supply chains ready for a CoC certification if a full assessment was successful with 2016-2017