Food Safety and Quality

Food safety and Quality is a fundamental aspect in fishery products, especially for the export commodity, since the importer country, e.g. the US and EU apply strict standards. In other word, if the product does not meet the qualification, it will go to the domestic market or to a country that will buy the product for a lower price. It is relatively easy to implement a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as well as sanitation and hygiene requirements in processing plants or in a sophisticated big fishing vessel. On the other hand, in small scale fisheries (fishermen and aggregator level) especially in remote area where adequate infrastructure is no more than a dream, implementing proper safety standard is a real challenge. Therefore, simultaneously with MDPI’s other programs, we continuously give awareness to both our staff and to our stakeholder to maintain and improving their handling to meet food safety and quality through programs such as training and workshop. What is more, this is not only about meeting the market requirement but raising the awareness of fishermen to provide a food which is processed in safe and responsible manner.