Safety at Sea, Basic Navigation and First Aid Training

To comply with one of the standards, MDPI works with the Provincial Search and Rescue team to conduct Safety at Sea, Basic Navigating Skill and First Aid Training. Each registered fisher must attend this training at least one time. MDPI has conducted these trainings since 2014, with a new training organised whenever there is a new Fisher Association joining the program.


In this training fishers are trained in how to survive at sea, basic survival skills when they are at risk of drowning, how to read a compass and GPS device and also how to dress their wounds and fractures, what to do when they find people unconscious and safe ways of giving CPR. MDPI also distributes booklets and materials for fishers to refresh their trainings and perhaps share the knowledge with family and friends.


Organizational, Conflict Resolution and Bookkeeping Training

Building the organisational and management capacity of the fishermen is a key activity for making the Fisher Associations and Fair Trade Committees successful. In the beginning of the formation, MDPI trains all the registered fishers on the requirements and criteria that need to be satisfied to achieve certification, such as understanding each role in the Fisher Association and Fair Trade Committee, organizing meetings, writing their meeting minutes, understanding the voting process, estimating their catch forecast, Premium Fund spending plan and writing proposals and project implementation reports.

Recently, MDPI invited Yayasan Pengembangan Dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (YPPM – Community Development and Empowerment Foundation) to further equip the committee to fulfill the roles and responsibility and become more independent in managing their Fisher Associations and Fair Trade Committees. The two days of training was held in September 2016 for fishers in Seram and February 2017 for fishers in North Buru. The sessions include conflict resolution techniques and basic bookkeeping.



MDPI’s implementation work and Fair Trade certifications will not work without the support of Coral Triangle Processor’s processing (certificate holder) partners in Indonesia. Harta Samudra and its sister factory in Buru, PT. SLI are strong and committed partners to the Fair Trade process. A small newly established company Mina Jaya Bahari, partnering with CTP, has also started processing Fair Trade fish in their premises and supporting the implementation.

Working with Fair Trade means the factories bind themselves to comply with the Fair Trade standards. They have to follow the compliance criteria. This leads them to start to participate in direct relationships with their supply chain, knowing their fishers directly- where the directors are required to sit with fishers in the annual General Assembly meetings and have Q&A sessions with the fishers on their buying policies, price determination and conditions.