Trade Requirement

Product Traceability

Starting from the first day of Year 0 (entry level) audit, all fish coming from registered Fisher Associations are tagged and coded as Fair Trade Fish. This Fisher Association code stays on the product along the process from landing site to middlemen, and with all the processing in the factory (before shipment). The code differentiates the Fair Trade fish from non-Fair Trade fish. Upon the announcement of the certification, each kilogram of final weight to be exported (i.e. included into the containers for shipping) from the start of the audit may be claimed as Fair Trade production and the Fishers Association are entitled to the Premium Fund.

Contracts & Agreement

MDPI also assists the Certificate Holder (CTP) on making sure all the contracts between stakeholders are properly done. All records of transaction of Fair Trade fish should be kept in order, from fishers à middlemen à local partner processing factory à certificate holder, as during audits these documentations will be checked and verified. MDPI has helped to build systems on the fishers and middlemen levels so that we may control and prove that beside all parties get their payment properly, we also may confirm that only fish catch by Fair Trade fishers are claimed as Fair Trade product.