MDPI is responsible for the overall implementation of the Fair Trade program: from introducing the program to fishers, establishing the Fisher Associations and Fair Trade Committees, to organizing and leading the meetings, and training them about sustainable fishing, supporting and guiding their Fisher Associations and Fair Trade Committees, basically living with the fishers in the villages, being their friends, and being part of the community. At the same time, MDPI is responsible to guide not just the fishers but also the local middlemen; local processors and the certificate holder in understanding and complying with the Fair Trade six-year compliance standards and audits.

The Fair Trade program was initially based only in a few locations in Maluku, but has since expanded to Central Sulawesi and across Maluku. Based on November 2017 data, there are 28 Fishers Associations; five Fair Trade Committees in three provinces, where 603 handline yellowfin tuna fishermen are registered into the program. It all started from four pioneer Fisher Associations established in late 2013, which were Fair Trade certified at entry level (Y0) in October 2014. The initial certification included three Fisher Associations in Assilulu, Ambon and one Fisher Association in Waipure, North Buru. Since these pioneers led the way we have added numerous fisher associations in the Moluccas, namely in North Buru, in South Buru, and in SeramAdditionally, expansion has occurred to North Sulawesi in Tolitoli and most recently to Bisa in North Maluku.