Intern for Interoperability

2 May 2019

Position                                : Intern for Interoperability
Location                               : Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia
Employment                       : Internship Program
Report to                             : Supply Chain Manager


MDPI has experience in developing and trialing traceability initiatives for small-scale fisheries in recent years. This work was predominantly under two traceability projects IFITT and NWO, as well as a smaller project focused on supporting Indonesian industry to meet MSC chain of custody requirements. More recently, MDPI has been working with USAID Oceans to support the development of electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability systems for small-scale fisheries. MDPI is specifically aiming to develop systems and support technology aimed at the small-scale sector and that are either Open Source or low cost to be accessible to as many small-scale actors as possible. Through this approach, MDPI aims to support compliance with Legal, Regulated and Reported (LLR) activities, rather than allowing the small-scale sector to be excused or to fall under the radar. The initiatives trialed to date by MDPI include:

  • Spot Trace devices
  • Time-lapse cameras
  • FlyWire camera
  • Pelagic Data System
  • I-Fish app
  • TraceTales
  • Supplier app: Our Fish and Trafiz an app app developed for suppliers

The next step in MDPI’s work is to integrate the data from various technologies and various chain nodes to provide complete information and data on the journey of a fish once caught in a small-scale fishery. Initial thoughts on how to achieve and implement this include blockchain technology, connecting existing technologies by API’s or using the DEX model proposed by USAID Oceans. The final system needs to take into account:

  • Data sharing agreements
  • Data security
  • Key Data Elements (KDEs)
  • Costs
  • Industry and government preferences
  • Interoperability capacity

The intern position will identify alternative ideas and identify appropriate ways to link technologies. This may be done by creating partnerships with other organizations, learning and adopting from existing systems and or creating simple in-house solutions that allow for simple data transfer by industry users to existing systems (such as in-house ERP systems).

The technologies and systems currently in use or in development were developed specifically for tuna supply chains and actors. To make these solutions applicable and scalable to other small-scale fisheries in Indonesia, some customization and development will be required.

The Intern will work with MDPI and its partners on the following three activities:

  • Evaluate current technology solutions and data collection initiatives underway within MDPI-supported company supply chains and pilot projects
  • Evaluate what adjustments need to be made to existing traceability pilots for them to be scaled up across fisheries
  • Make recommendations on the best approach for creating integration of data, interoperability, between supply chain nodes, including financing options for industry to engage in using these solutions. The technology options and the financing of these need to take the limitations of the small-scale sector into account

The outcome of this work is a report providing recommendations on the best approaches for integrating data across supply chain codes and between technology pilots as well as incentivizing wider expansion of the devices across the sector.


  • Currently studying a masters in fisheries or IT related subject
  • Previous IT work experience desirable
  • Knowledge of fisheries supply chains is a plus

The intern position is open to both Indonesian and international Master’s students and MDPI can support with Indonesian-based costs. Costs of travel to/from Indonesia and visa applications will not be covered by MDPI but we will assist the requirements as necessary.

 MDPI is committed to implementing free discrimination recruitment from the elements of SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race and Intergroup), supporting gender equality, anti-trafficking in persons and rejecting all forms of drug use and trafficking.

Send complete application to MDPI HR via email: with subject: Application: Interoperability Internship Program