Internship Objectives:

Interns understand the work activities that have been carried out by MDPI and can put them into writing that is concise-creative-interesting, but provides comprehensive information, and can invite readers to find out and get to know MDPI through content uploaded to various MDPI marketing communication media platforms. Here are the details of the goal:


MDPI Foundation Background

The MDPI program is actively involved in sustainable Indonesian fisheries, particularly in tuna and its focus is concentrated on the Handline/Pole and Line) yellowfin/skip tuna fisheries. MDPI seeks to promote sustainable fisheries as well as the welfare and improvement of communities involved in small-scale fisheries in Indonesia. Strong collaboration between MDPI and various other institutions and organizations, including WWF Indonesia, TNC, WCS, USAID, the Indonesian government, international universities, and other fisheries stakeholders to work to improve fisheries improvement towards sustainable fisheries.

MDPI implements the Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP), in the artisanal fishing line/Pole and Line for yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna fisheries. FIP will contribute to improving Indonesian fisheries management by applying the principles of sustainable fisheries, namely ensuring guaranteed fish stocks, minimal impact on ecosystems and effective management. For this reason, MDPI regulates data collection activities in 10 locations in Indonesia consisting of 6 provinces including NTB, NTT, South Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, North Maluku, and Maluku in collecting catch data scientifically in the form of operational data, catches, length of tuna. in whole or loin tuna, bycatch, use of bait and interactions with ETP (Endangered, Threatened & Protected species) animals.

MDPI also works to empower, encourage, and strengthen the capacity of fishing communities to participate actively in fisheries management and advocate for community welfare, which is the implementation of the Fishing Community Organization (FCO). Currently MDPI has supported more than 30 fishing groups and is expanding its reach in community organizing in each province.

The involvement of students and the results of internship activities at MDPI are expected to provide benefits for improving fisheries improvement programs carried out by MDPI and apprentices gain knowledge and experience to be developed and disseminated to other publics in order to instil a caring attitude towards fisheries sustainability. The selected interns will work and study under the Operations Department.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Content Writer

– Making writings from the results of MDPI activities

– Write content that attracts readers


  1. Digital Content

– Producing the writing into interesting content for MDPI online media (Website and Social Media)

– Ensuring that the website, images, writings he makes for online media are aligned and related to the writings that are written


Internship Benefits:

– Contribute to non-profit organizations in the field of small-scale fisheries

– Gain organizational experience and understand working processes within the organization


Internship Rights:

MDPI provides Internship certificates and provides substitute cost for communication and transportation Rp. 700.000 per month.


Duties and Responsibilities of Interns:

– Content strategy across channels (Newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, website, twitter, etc.)

– Brainstorm copy ideas with the Communications team

– Create interesting content in Indonesian and English

– Proficient in using editing media such as Canva, Adobe and others.

– Correct and edit your own content or other people’s content when necessary

– Monitoring campaign effectiveness

– Cooperating with Product Marketers


Internship Requirements:

– Journalism student in final year of study, or equivalent. New graduates in Journalism are welcome.

– Willing to do internship for a minimum of 3 months, with a maximum of 12 months

– Loves to write content creation and do research

– Creative and pay attention to details

– Having good communication skills

– Have good organizational and time management skills

– Ability to write and speak in English

– Proactive

– Have graphic design skills (preferred)

– Have a personal channel for writing, e.g., blog, social media


This position is open to Indonesian nationality. Applicants should send a CV and cover letter to by 19th September 2021. Please note, this position is based in Bali and does not include reallocation benefits.

MDPI is committed to implementing anti-discrimination from elements of SARA (Ethnicity, Religion, Race and Intergroup), supporting gender equality, anti-human trafficking and rejecting all forms of drug use and trafficking.