World Fisheries Congress, 23-27th May, Busan, South Korea

28 Jun 2016

MDPI attended the World Fisheries Congress in Busan, South Korea last month. This was only the 2nd international scientific conference attended by MDPI, a number we plan on increasing significantly in the coming months and years. The World Fisheries Congress is one of the largest gatherings of fisheries-related scientists and is held every four years. This year there were 36 sessions, making for a very busy week. There was a huge variety in the session themes, such as genomics, management strategies, effects of climate change, technology innovations, integrated ocean management and anti-aging potential from marine resources. Two sessions were particularly relevant to MDPI’s work: ‘Opportunities and challenges for management of small-scale fisheries’ and ‘Third-party certification for wild capture fisheries and aquaculture’. MDPI gave a presentation in each of these two sessions (find slides here and here). For both presentations the feedback was very enthusiastic. Participants were very impressed with MDPI’s achievements for small scale fisheries in Indonesia, in particular with the I-Fish database system and with the Fair Trade certification.

The World Fisheries Congress was a great opportunity to meet with other people involved in similar projects around the world and to exchange ideas and experiences. There is some very interesting and important work underway for small-scale fisheries globally, such as how to develop a small-scale fishery and market for an introduced species in South America, potential spatial management for small-scale fisheries in Wakatobi and stock assessment methods for data-poor fisheries (a common characteristic of small-scale fisheries globally).

Keynote speakers opened the sessions every day, with some big fisheries names such as Felicity Huntingford, Ray Hilborn and Jihyun Lee. Busan was a great venue for the congress, rich in fisheries and maritime culture, and home to South Korea’s largest fish market, Jagalchi fish market. Hopefully more MDPI staff will have the opportunity to attend the World Fisheries Congress when it is held in Adelaide, Australia in 2020.


Deirdre presenting at the World Fisheries Congress in Busan. Photo credit: Darcie Hunt @DarcieHunt

Writer: Deirdre Duggan


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