Visual Database Internship

9 Aug 2018


Visual Database Internship


Photography that has a reasonable probability to be considered for use as legal evidence, historic record or other value to MDPI must be protected from loss or destruction. The use of digital photography for documentation has resulted in a proliferation of data files that can be lost or easily destroyed, since unlike traditional printed-paper, they may not physically exist except in the form of magnetic or optically read media.

There are online and offline storage platform used by MDPI, however we need a person to assist in preservation of these records for easy retrieval and future use, using the newly installed ACDSee software.


  • To organize visual database of MDPI from online and offline storage platform to ACDSee software Output
  • Organized visual database of MDPI Schedule
  • The internship period is three months (August/September – October/November 2018)
  • MDPI working hours: Monday to Friday (8 AM – 5 PM)


1. Enrolled in a third level education program (i.e. Diploma 1, 2, 3, Strata 1 graduates)

2. At least 20 years old.

3. Be computer literate.

Remuneration: Monthly Intern Fee

Please send application to Subject: Visual Database Internship