US Embassy Delegation Visited MDPI in Bali Office

4 Sep 2015

The US Ambassador Robert O. Blake, Jr.; Consulate General Heather Variava and their team, visited the Yayasan Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) office in Bali late this August 2015 to learn more about industry participation in sustainability, MDPI Programs and to discuss in general with the MDPI team about small-scale sustainable fisheries in Indonesia.

In the MDPI office, the Ambassador was met by Aditya Utama Surono, the Executive Director of MDPI; Momo Kochen, the Director of Programs and Science of MDPI; Robert Tjoanda, the President of PT. Harta Samudra, Blane Olson from Technical Services, Helen Packer from Fishing & Living and others.

Aditya gave a presentation about MDPI history and activities in general, followed by further explanations about MDPI specific programs by Momo. Helen and Pak Robert also delivered presentations about the importance of private sector collaboration in supporting fisheries sustainability, fishers’ livelihood and eco-certification such as Fair Trade and Marine Stewardship Council.

After the presentations, a short discussion and a question round the Ambassador said that he was impressed with the efforts MDPI and its industry partners were making to achieve the goals towards sustainable small-scale fisheries and to improve small-scale fishers’ livelihood in Indonesia. Furthermore, he suggested MDPI to have a deeper discussion with Susi Pudjiastuti, the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia.

It was a fruitful meeting with the US Ambassador and his team. The meeting is a fundamental step for future collaboration and friendship between MDPI and the US Embassy in order to take sustainable fisheries in Indonesia to the next level. Thank you for visiting MDPI, Ambassador Blake!

Aditya explaining about MDPI in general. Photo credit: MDPI

Momo Kochen explaining about MDPI Programs. Photo credit: MDPI.

Ambassador  Blake discussing sustainable fisheries in Indonesia with MDPI team. Photo credit: MDPI.

The US Embassy delegation with MDPI team. Photo credit: MDPI.

Writer: Indah Rufiati

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