Training of Trainers in Bali Office

3 Nov 2016

To increase the staffs’ capacity, Yayasan Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) held a TOT (Training of Trainers) with the aim of improving the all-round ability of our field supervisors in data collection, management, leadership, and to be a trainer for the field teams on these topics in the future. Training was held for two days on 12 and 13 October 2015 in Bali office. The number of participants were 14 people: the site supervisors and the supervisor assistants: Mei, Timur, Inayah, Sahril, Riza, Hendri, Ufu, Alex, Rui, Juhrin, Nuri, Wahana and Nilam. The trainers are Wildan, Nandana, Wiro, Deirdre and Indah.

During the training, there were several reviews done to assess the ability of the participants. Firstly, each site was given the opportunity to present a general overview of the region of their scope of work, the program and the obstacles encountered (internal and external). Secondly, they were given some program topics covered by MDPI and were asked to create a presentation within 35 minutes and then to present it in 5 minutes. The trainers gave feedbacks about the slide show, the appearance and their ability to explain the material.

The materials given to participants contained information about the I-Fish database to increase their understanding of the application of new forms for port sampling data, monthly unloading per point and its benefits. The trainers also presented materials about coordination flow related to program, HR, administration and communications development.

MDPI has great expectations that TOT will build better leaders and could be a reference/role model at each site and help the team Bali office to deliver training materials in the recruitment of new staffs at each site or new sites for the expansion of ​​data collection area and other programs of the foundation.

MDPI wants to be bigger, better and achieve more in the future and we know we can only do that if we have a great team. Hopefully this event has helped us work towards this ambition! Well done old trainers for a great event and welcome aboard new trainers!!! J

MDPI Training of Trainers (ToT) in Bali office. Photo credit: MDPI

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