Think Tank: The Discussion Related to Small-scale Fisheries and moving them toward being Legal, Reported and Regulated (LRR) fisheries.

13 Jul 2017
Indah Rufiati

MDPI, along with our collaborating partners Wageningen University & Research, the Asia Pacific based USAID Oceans and the Walton Family Foundation plan to host a Think Tank  on “Moving Towards Legal, Regulated and Reported Status for Small Scale Fisheries” from July 18 – 21 in Bali, Indonesia.

The goal of the Think Tank is to identify solutions for proactively dealing with growing demands for transparency, traceability and compliance for developing world fisheries, given the increasing demands being placed on international seafood supply chains by major import markets. We will then explore whether and how developing world fisheries can reverse the burden of proof of IUU to develop LRR fisheries.

Until now the move towards LRR fisheries has predominantly been in large scale fisheries, with projects and investment targeting large vessels and their associated supply chains to meet increasing regulation and requirements. Initially large scale fisheries are seen as ‘low hanging fruit’, as well as the idea of targeting large volumes with minimal effort have been the driver for this. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that LRR fisheries are not only relevant for internationally focused supply chains but is also extremely important within domestic fisheries and supply chains and within small scale fisheries. In short, to meet the demands of importers capacity and knowledge is needed that is geared towards the dynamics of small scale fisheries.

The Think Tank will bring together 20-25 experts from various backgrounds for a 3 day meeting (18th, 19th, and 20th of July). Participants will be led through the development of several solutions with which to develop an advocacy and action programme with, including communication to a wider community of donors, implementers, entrepreneurs. Our focus is global – we are looking for ideas and solutions for small scale fisheries around the world.

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