The Supply Chain Department

Supply chain department are the “glue” that connects each stake holder on aspects related to producing a transparent, traceable and high quality product. We focus on engaging and supporting private sector in the seafood industry from fishermen to consumers on the topic of traceability and food safety and quality.

The main program under this department

  1. Traceability

Traceability is a tool to show the the good things that done relate to MDPI program such as Fairtrade COC, Sustainability (MSC COC), Food safety, etc .

This department running 3 years project consumer facing traceability, which call IFITT

Also as addition of IFITT program, we run project Technology Innovation towards sustainability in Indonesia’s tuna supply chains . The project aims to develop a Traceability-Based Technology (TBT) platform that creates bidirectional information exchange between Indonesian fishermen, processors and traders.

  1. Vessel registration

Regarding transparency and legality, our department support Fishery Improvement department to ensure all vessel under Data collection program registered on I-Fish data base with Vessel Identifier Code, National Record of Vessels Authorized to Fish Within Indonesia Archipelagic Waters (RVIA),  Proactive Vessel Registry (PVR) under The International Seafood Sustainability Foundations (ISSF) . We also support small scale fisheries in maluku area spesificaly to get license.

  1. Food Safety and Quality


Food safety and Quality is the main component once producing the product no matter how many fish available if not support with good quality and food safety it cannot be consumed. Therefore, our development strengthen our stakeholder to maintain and improving their handling to get food safety and quality through such collaboration program for training and workshop about this topic.