The 9th Data Management Committee (DMC) Meeting in Nusa Tenggara Barat

17 Feb 2017
Indah Rufiati

The meeting was held in November 11, 2016 at Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan (DKP) NTB Province. The meeting was attended by representatives of Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Pengawas Perikanan, DKP NTB, DKP Sumbawa Barat Regency, handline fishermen, BAPPEDA NTB, NGO, Mitra Bahari Universitas Mataram and industry.

In this meeting, the head of DKP NTB gave a presentation about “Improving Regional Capacity in the National Fisheries Management”. Mitra Bahari gave a presentation about “The Urgency of Data Management Committee in National Fishery Management”, followed by a presentation from MDPI about the general co-management concept, as a reminder to participants of where we would like this group to go in the future. The representatives from MMAF (PSDI- DJPT KKP) also shared the updates about rumpon (Fish Aggregating Device) management plan (Permen KP Nomor 26 Tahun 2014).

Various suggestions for discussion and for next steps were proposed by the members of DMC meeting:

  1. SHTI (Sertifikat Hasil Tangkapan Ikan/catch certificate) to be published at the fishery port
  2. DMC meeting is facilitated by government
  3. Development of a catalog to identify the vessels (material, constriction, fishing gear, line size, machine type, etc.)
  4. Revision of FAD rule (type and space between FADs)
  5. Port authority to facilitate obtaining vessel documents so that it will be more efficient for registration

An action plans was developed, with intersessional activities (between this meeting and the next one which is scheduled for approximately May 2017) for each member and the progress will be presented at the next DMC meeting. Mr. Nurjamil (head of DMC) will follow up the action plans as follows:

  1. DKP NTB to socialize about FAD management plan and the permit process to Labuhan Lombok and Sumbawa à DKP NTB Kabid Penangkapan as lead
  2. MDPI to prepare FAD registration form in MDPI office: MDPI Lombok site staff as lead
  3. DKP NTB to help reporting the FAD data that already collected to MMAF to get the permit: DKP NTB, Kabid Penangkapan as lead
  4. MDPI to create the scheme of FAD registration and to put it in the port area: MDPI Lombok site staff as lead
  5. Industries (UD. Baura, UD. Versace, UD. Riski Bersama, UD. Erpa Utama, UD. Eka Tirta, UD. Usaha Mina) and handline fishermen to share FAD data based on the form of SIPR (Surat Izin Pemasangan Rumpon/FAD permit)

MDPI wants to thank and congratulate all the DMC NTB members on a successful meeting and we genuinely hope that the next DMC meeting will continue in similar fashion and with interim progress to report. Please keep in touch with our website to get updates about the next DMC meeting (around May 2017).

Writer: Juhrin

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