The 10th Data Management Committee (DMC) Meeting in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB)

27 Jul 2017
Indah Rufiati

MDPI facilitated  the most recent DMC meeting in Nusa Tengarra Barat (NTB) on May 31 in Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan (DKP) office in Mataram, NTB. The meeting was attended by 20 people from local and central government, university, industry and NGO. It was opened by Mr. Lalu Hamdi, the head of DKP NTB Province, followed by Mr. Nurjamil, the head of  the DMC.

As always in NTB the meeting hosted a lively discussion on many important and timely relevant topics- I-Fish data, vessel measurement application to Department of Transportation, renewing the committee decree with governor of NTB and a follow up results from action plan made in Bogor (March, 2017) some stakeholders about Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) and vessel registration. We also discussed an activity plan to progress forward these various conversations for the coming 6 months. The meeting was ended at 6 PM and then continued by break the Ramadhan fast together.

Some results from this DMC meeting:

  1. DMC will continue to follow up about FAD registration issues from the tuna fishers Labuhan Lombok to national government
  2. This committee is prepared to be part of WPP (Wilayah Pengelolaan Perikanan/Fishery Management Area) organization, and later will have cooperation with other provinces under WPPs.
  3. MDPI will facilitate to follow-up the decree renewal for DMC for period 2017-2019 and to add more important members in DMC: Biro Hukum Provinsi, BAPPEDA Provinsi and Dinas Perhubungan Laut.
  4. Head of DKP NTB Province is ready to allocate a space for DMC Secretariat in DKP office, Mataram
  5. NTB deadline for vessel registration is in December 2017. If there are any unregistered vessels, it will be processed based on the law.

We are very glad to facilitate this meeting and hopefully the DMC will become more powerful event for stakeholders to generate useful action plans for fisheries sustainability in NTB.

Writer: Wildan

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