Technology Innovation towards Sustainability in Indonesia’s Tuna Supply Chains

28 Oct 2015
Indah Rufiati

This Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) funded project is a partnership between Wageningen University, Dalhousie University, Bogor Agricultural University and Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI). These groups have created a consortium together with specifically chosen partner industries Anova LLC and PT. Harta Samudra to implement the objectives of this project along a specific supply chain. The project aims to develop a traceability-based technology (TBT) platform that creates bidirectional information exchange between Indonesian fishers, processors and traders; help to link fishers with fisheries information and global market; and to help processors and traders to meet informational requirements originating from importing regions. The project will be carried out in four phases: (1) needs assessment to capture the knowledge of the actors on the tuna supply chain on market dynamics, national and global environment regulatory, traceability systems and to understand what kinds of information they lack but could benefit from; (2) implementation, where we will develop TBTs with/to fishers, suppliers, processors and technology providers. In this phase, we will also introduce the technology to the actors in the tuna supply chain; (3) evaluation, where there will be a survey/interviews with fishers and the processing partners on the strength and weaknesses of the system; (4) adaptation as the final phase of the project where there will be adaptation and modification of the TBT based on the evaluation results.

So far, data on the needs assessment has already been collected through interviews and focus group discussions with fishers and suppliers in North Buru and processing partners in Ambon and Vietnam. We have also recently contracted Ecotrust Canada to develop an internal traceability software and hardware solution for the processing plants involved in the trial project and are still involved in on-going discussion with the technology providers and options for a solution for the upstream part of the supply chain from vessel to processor, so incorporating the fishers and suppliers. The real implementation of technology throughout the chain will be started early next year. We expect this to be an exciting project with some great contributions to traceability in Indonesia… link back for updates over the next months.

Writer: Rini Kusumawati

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