Story from the field: I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship, Movie Night and Short Lecture in Maluku

22 Aug 2017
Indah Rufiati

MDPI Communication and Development team (Nuri, Indah and Deirdre) visited Maluku sites from May 2 – 8 to conduct several activities. Here is the story shared by Nuri…

Buru Island

We arrived in Namlea Port, Buru Island after 3 hours trip using the newly launched fast boat from Slamet Riyadi Port, Ambon. For your information, the ticket price is IDR 210,000 (economy), IDR 260,000 (VIP) and IDR 310,000 (VVIP). The schedule of the fast boat: on odd dates the vessel travelsfrom Ambon to Buru and on even dates from Buru to Ambon, and will depart at 9 AM. We were lucky with this new transportation mode because it saved more time and energy for us 🙂

In Buru Island, we met the field team (Huda, Djamal, Untung, Ijha, Asis, Ari) who support MDPI in conductingour field activities in Buru. The first event was a Short Lecture on Fisheries Sustainability in the Marine and Fisheries Faculty of Universitas Iqra’ Buru (UNIQBU), attended by 20 participants consisting of students and lecturers. There was a little issue about the electricity at the beginning, which is a familiar issue in remote islands, but the university managed to fix the generator problem so that the event ran well. Nuri and Huda presented MDPI Updates and I-Fish data to the participants, followed by a two way discussion. The meeting ended with some specially developed “sustainability games”, developed in such a way as to make stakeholders aware of various sustainability issues and approaches. The participants were so surprised (and delighted!) to be introduced to a game of simulation on how to catch fish sustainably. We can’t thank you enough for UNIQBU warm welcome and hospitality to us to conduct this event. The Dean of Marine and Fisheries Department, Ibu Maryati, appreciated the MDPI team’s effort and she wants us to come again next year. For your information, UNIQBU is the only university in Buru Island and we are so proud to know them.

A student asking question during the discussion in UNIQBU Buru. Photo credit: MDPI

We continued the trip from Namlea to MDPI office at Waprea Village. The trip took 2 hours road trip, surrounded by beautiful view of forest and sea. The next agenda was a movie night where we screened a movie about ocean ecosystem which was attended by 80 people.

The morning after, we conducted the I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship “Diskusi Santai Tentang Ikan” with the fishermen to discuss about the data that MDPI has collected in 2016. This event is aimed to increase the fishermens understanding about the data and its importance. We hope that by sharing the data and explaining its format that fishermen can learn and  understand that the information on fishing trips they shared with us is a core component of fisheries management and that this data can be used to inform and shape fisheries management interventions in the future. For this event, we create simple presentations containing graphs consisting of total catch, highest bycatch, bait used and tuna length frequency, etc. The first discussion with fishermen was conducted at Waprea Village. 11 fishermen came and discussed the data with us. They asked many questions about data presented, tuna biology and also Fair Trade program, with which they have been involved. In this session, fishermen gave confirmation/experience about the reality during their fishing trip in 2016. We played the ‘Sweet Sustainability’ game to finish the discussion.

I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship in Waprea Village. Photo credit: MDPI

In the night time, we screened another movie night in Wamlana village and it was only attended by 15 people because of heavy rain.

The next day, we conducted discussion with fishermen at Wailihang Village. Due to high fishing season, there were only 8 fishermen came to the discussion. However, it was a lively discussion and they were excited to share about why, during windy season, they use flying fish instead of chopped squids as bait. It is because chopped squids will be scattered easily once it entered the water so it will be hard to trick the fish to eat the squid bait… so we also get to learn something new, which is great! 😊

Seram Island

Next port of call, Masohi, Seram Island, to meet our Seram field team, Magfir and Manda.

The fishermen in Tehoru Village requested to us to do the discussion in the afternoon because they go fishing in the morning. Prior to the discussion, there was a heavy rain but still th 14 fishermen came to discuss the I-Fish data with us. Fishermen were active and they gave us input about the local name of bycatch fish from the graphs we had made. After the discussion, we screened the movie while they enjoyed dinner together with us.

Happy faces from I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship in Seram. Photo credit: MDPI

Ambon City

Last stop UNPATTI (Universitas Pattimura) Ambon to conduct another Short Lecture. 70 participants (students and lecturer) already waited for us in the meeting room and we were so happy to know how excited they were to attend this activity. Karel, Nuri and Indah presented about MDPI Updates, I-Fish data and Fair Trade respectively. Participants asked so many questions for us: about the data collection, Fair Trade, what is MDPI role in campaigning sustainable seafood in Indonesia, etc… We were so impressed with their enthusiasm. Even the lecturer wanted us to have future collaboration in data collection since UNPATTI has been conducting tuna data collection in Banda Sea as well. Although the trip schedule was so tight, we were glad that this final agenda ran smoothly. We are so proud to have a lively activity with students of UNPATTI and hopefully we will be able to conduct another activity with them again.

Picture group from Short Lecture in UNPATTI. Photo credit: MDPI

We went back to Bali office with smile on our faces. Thank you, Maluku! 🙂

Writer: Nuriasih Nababan




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