Seventh Indonesian WCPFC-area Catch Estimates Workshop

28 Jun 2016

The seventh Indonesian WCPFC-area Catch Estimates Workshop was held 15-17 June in Bogor. The aim of this workshop is to gather catch data for tuna from all gears from the previous year (2015) and determine the catch composition and catch volume of each species by gear type. The gear types include pole and line, purse seine, handline, gill net, longline, troll and others (mixed gears).

The first day saw industry and NGO stakeholders presenting their available data for the required Fisheries Management Area (grouping I: FMA 713, 714 & 715, grouping 2: FMA 716 & 717). Stakeholders discussed the issues they were facing over the past 18 months, such as decrease in catch volumes and the knock-on effects for employment and market presence. Some of these issues may in part be explained by stricter fisheries management regulations introduced by Susi Pudjiastuti, the current minister of fisheries.

During the second and third days, government departments reviewed the data from all sources and determined the catch volume and catch compositions for both FMA groupings. This activity was supported by advice from WCPFC and independent scientists. Issues with gear distinctions and species misidentifications were identified as potential issues affecting catch compositions. On a very positive note, it was noted that significant progress has been made for reporting of catches in Indonesian waters. The logbook and e-monitoring system was praised as a significant effort towards improving catch recording, and the inclusion of various stakeholders on the first day shows Indonesia is placing great emphasis on collaboratively achieving sustainably managed fisheries. Eight recommendations were determined as priority areas of work for the coming year to address these and other issues affecting Indonesian catch estimates. Together government, industry and NGO stakeholders will collaborate towards achieving these recommendations over the coming year.

Writer: Deirdre Duggan

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