Safety at Sea & First Aid Training for Fair Trade Fishermen

10 Nov 2016

Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) held Safety at Sea & First Aid Trainings for Fair Trade fishermen in six locations: Parigi, Bula (Seram Utara); Tanjung, Tehoru (Seram Selatan); Waprea (Buru); Lingadan (Toli-toli) during September and October 2016. The trainings were held to comply with the Fair Trade compliance criteria related to ‘Occupational Health & Safety standard’ section of the Capture Fisheries Standard. 190 Fair Trade fishermen attended the training, which was conducted in collaboration with the National Search and Rescue team and Navy (Angkatan Laut Toli-toli).

The training had the following sessions: Basic Navigations for Fisherman, Survival Techniques at Sea and First Aid Training. Basic Navigation material included mapping skill and navigation to make sure they can go home safely and what things to do before going to sea, such as:

  • Check the weather
  • Inform the family
  • Go to the sea together with other fishermen (simultaneously)
  • Check the vessel (engine, propeller blades, etc.)
  • Bring the important items to support the safety at sea (rope, repairing tools, anchor, compass, flash light, fresh water, food, basket, vessel cover, life jacket, life buoy, communication gear, etc.).

Survival Techniques at Sea included the basic principals as follows:

  • Knowledge, equipment and willingness of life
  • Saving energy when floating
  • Proper use of survival gear
  • Advise on food and water intake
  • Drink fresh water supply wisely

First Aid Training in Parigi, Seram Utara. Photo credit: MDPI

The First Aid Training explained how to give first aid quickly and accurately using existing equipment and materials on location. First aid implemented correctly can help reduce disability and save the victim, but if incorrectly implemented, it could make the accident worse.

By having this training, MDPI hopes that fishermen will be more aware about the importance of safety at sea to hinder unexpected incidents when they are fishing and have a quick response to accidents.

Writer: Widi Artanti and Indah Rufiati

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