Ronny Berg, Deputy Minister of Fisheries of Norway to Visit Labuhan Lombok Fishing Port

2 Dec 2016

In October, Norway’s Deputy Minister of Fisheries and his team visited Labuhan Lombok Fishing Port. The purpose of their visit was to see the activity in the port and to see the tuna processing activities in one of companies in Labuhan Lombok. During the visit, they were accompanied by people from Kementrian Kelautan dan Perikanan (KKP), Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan (DKP) and Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI). On this occasion, Mr. Jamil from DKP and I, Riza from MDPI had a chance to explain about the data collection conducted by MDPI in Labuhan Lombok. The Norwegian team was really impressed with the willingness of the company to participate in data collection activities. I also explainedsome details about fishing activities in Labuhan Lombok: explaining the types of fishing gears, the target species, number of crew per boat, fishing trip duration, fishing ground, etc. After a tour around the port and cruising around on a boat, the group headed to one of the tuna processing company, CV. Versace Mandiri. The owner of the company, Mr. Hamja, accompanied the visiting group to see the processing area, processing equipment tools and loin tuna product. Unfortunately, there was no boat landed that time, so the Norwegian group did not get a chance to see directly the tuna unloading and loining process. This was a great opportunity to show the Norwegian team the activities and collaboration between various partners in the Lombok area.

Mange Fisk, Lykkelig Mennesker (Many Fish, Happy People!) 🙂

Writer: Riza Baroqi

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