Peter Schonman Visited MDPI Office to Learn More about Small Scale Tuna Fishery in Indonesia

17 Apr 2015
Indah Rufiati

Masyarakat Dan Perikanan Indonesia Foundation (MDPI) office in Bali greeted a guest from USA, Mr. Peter Schonman, in April 13, 2015. He is the Director of Culinary Innovation in Anova Food, LLC. He visited us in order to learn more about tuna in Indonesia, especially Fair Trade certified tuna and sustainable tuna fishing practice implemented by small scale, artisanal fishermen in Indonesia that is supported by MDPI.

To give him more information about MDPI programs and activities, MDPI team gave him presentation about the programs. The presentation opened by Aditya Surono as the Executive Director of MDPI, followed by presentation about Fisheries Programs by Nandana Godjali; Traceability Program by Stephanie Simangunsong and then Fair Trade program by Yasmine Simbolon.

Mr. Schonman interested in MDPI programs and he will share the information shared by MDPI for his inspiration to tell customers about the story of tuna he present. He think that traceable tuna, sustainable tuna and Fair Trade certified tuna in small scale handline fisheries from Indonesia is a very interesting story that he can pass to consumers in The US to catch their attention and to educate them about tuna from sustainable source and that there is good cause behind it. Then he said that there still questions that we need to answer whether the average consumer will buy tuna just because it said came from sustainable source, so traceability of sustainable product to market needs to be improved. “I think what MDPI is doing now by conducting research on how small scale fishers can be trace back in The IFITT Project will make it easier for consumers to tie together the things about tuna they consume. This is a very cool platform to tell the story of where the fish come from”, said Mr. Schonman. Moreover, he also suggested that in food or culinary business, consistency is very important. For example, when a restaurant and its chefs need tuna supply, they need their suppliers to be consistent about size, weight, quality and amount of stock because usually the restaurant has its standard for all of its branches. Therefore, the suppliers should be consistent about the product. “It has to be handled the same way”, he added.

After the presentation, we invited Mr. Schonman to visit Tanjung Benoa to go fish with fishermen to see the small scale, artisanal fishing practice directly. At the same time, he gave 8 life jackets to the fishermen as MDPI highly promoting safety at sea. The fishermen showed him how to catch fish using handline along the fishing trip while Mr. Surono explaining the mechanism of hand line fishing practice. “I wish the consumers in The US can come here and see the fishing practice and learn about sustainability, so they can appreciate the effort of the small scale handline fishers that fish in sustainable practices”, said Mr. Schonman.

Life jackets to fishermen in Tanjung Benoa to support the safety at sea campaign. Photo credit: MDPI

Writer: Indah Rufiati

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