One Vessel at a Time… Tolitoli Fishers Moving Towards Compliance

31 May 2017
Indah Rufiati

On May 19, Dinas Perhubungan (Ministry of Transportation of Republic Indonesia) Tolitoli held a small-scale fishing vessel measurement activity. This activity was supported by Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Tolitoli, MDPI, suppliers, CV. Mina Jaya Bahari (fish industry) and Fair Trade (FT) Fishers Associations (FA). The objective of doing vessel measurement is to combat IUU Fishing (illegal, unreported or unregulated in the Fisheries Management Area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia – WPP RI).

There were 68 vessels measured and here is the data:

  • 17 fiber vessels and 1 wooden vessel from FT FA Lumba-lumba in Salumpaga Village
  • 4 fiber vessels from non-FT fishermen in Salumpaga Village
  • 4 wooden vessels from non-FT fishermen in Laulalang Village
  • 14 wooden vessels from FT FA Karya Nelayan in Lingadan Village
  • 8 wooden vessels from FT FA Sinar Laut in Lingadan Village
  • 20 wooden vessels from non-FT fishermen in Lingadan Village

After the vessel measurement activity was completed, Debriga as a representative from CV. Mina Jaya Bahari, gave a socialization to the fishermen about the proper way of fish handling, the characteristics of the fish affected by disease and contamination and the impact to fish that are handled improperly.

This activity was attended by 59 participants: 2 people from Dinas Perhubungan Tolitoli Regency (Pak M. Yusuf and Pak Zulkarnain), 1 person from CV. Mina Jaya Bahari (Debriga), 2 people from MDPI (Hendri and Anto) and suppliers, fishermen and fishermen’s wives.

Hopefully this activity can be one of the inspirations to fishermen in other areas to start supporting Indonesian government in combatting IUU Fishing and that working together we can get compliance increasing in our fisheries.

Writer: Hendri Heni Tiala

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