Nusa Penida Fishers… Are You Ready for Sustainability ??

3 Sep 2015

MDPI recently collaborated with students of Udayana University, Bali to conduct a sustainability awareness program for fishermen in Sakti Village, Nusa Penida Island, Bali. In Sakti Village, an eager six fishermen were given the introduction about fisheries sustainability. The students of Udayana University, who came from various background majors, were also very enthusiastic to learn more about fisheries sustainability, so we spontaneously had a detailed sharing session with them after the planned session with the fishermen.

MDPI’s team, consisting of Indah Rufiati and Putu Juliani, presenting the sustainability topic, as well as conducted interviews with the fishermen to learn more about fishing community in Nusa Penida. From the interview, we were able to put together a description about their daily lives as a fisherman. The fishermen in Nusa Penida are indigenous people of the island and are independent fishermen who conduct one day fishing trips starting from 05.00 AM until approximately 09.00 AM. The fishermen use a traditional boat of approximately 15 GT capacity. They use long line as the main fishing gear with artificial bait attached. The target fish is skipjack with snapper and juvenile tuna as occasional ‘other retained catch’.

After returning from their daily trip, the fishermen go back home to sell their fish around the village by motorbike. Sometimes, they sell the fish to the local hotel or restaurants also. Depending on the length of their trips and their success in selling their caught fish, they may also earn additional money by taking tourists for a snorkeling trip, as a type of side job. If the catch exceeds the needs of the local market, there is also an option to sell it to the local suppliers at a lower price. When we asked about which one they love best between going fishing and taking snorkeling trips, they said that they love to go fishing best because it is the main livelihood and an instilled tradition for them.

MDPI would like to thank all the eager students from Udayana and the group of fishermen for the special sharing session experienced in Nusa Penida last week. To have such a group of  eager people gather together to learn and discuss about sustainable fisheries gives us all great hope for the future of collaboration towards sustainable fisheries in Indonesia, especially close to our home here in Bali.

Fishermen in Nusa Penida shared their daily life as fishermen. Photo credit: MDPI

Juli and Indah are explaining about MDPI Programs and introduction to sustainable fisheries. Photo credit: MDPI

Writer: Indah Rufiati

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