My Internship Story from Bone, South Sulawesi

19 Dec 2016

My name is Risa Septiana and I had completed a 1 month internship with Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) in August 2016. I chose MDPI to support my Praktek Kerja Lapangan (PKL) internship because I am very interested in MDPI programs, especially the data collection in small-scale tuna fisheries. The location of my internship was in Tippulue Village, Tanete Riattang Timur District, Bone Regency. I met many friendly people here and they made me feel so welcome. Another nice thing about my internship period is that I can go to the fish auction location to take pictures or go to the beach to enjoy the sunset during my free time.

The purpose of my internship was to observe and to experience the data collection activity. MDPI’s Site Supervisor, Sahril, and Sustainability Facilitator, Alwi, really helped me a lot during my internship period. They explained to me the data collection process and the information about small-scale tuna fishery in the area.

During my first week, I learned the data collection process from Sahril and Alwi, and then in the next 3 weeks I joined them in conducting data collection: measuring weight and length of large and small fish; including interview with fishermen to ask information about fishing ground, fishing trip duration, baitfish used, interaction with Endangered Threatened and Protected Animals (ETPs), etc. At first, I didn’t really understand the language and dialect the fishermen use because I am from Java Island, but then after a while I started to understand it. Interviewing fishermen was my favorite part. They are very friendly and humble. They told me everything I want to know about their fishing stories. I also observed the unloading process in the landing site.

Another activities I did during my internship was supporting MDPI team from Bali office (Deirdre, Nuri, Indah, Wildan) and Juhrin (Sulawesi Regional Supervisor) to conduct “Diskusi Santai tentang Ikan” with fishermen, Movie Night activity and “Diskusi Santai tentang Perikanan Berkelanjutan” with local stakeholders. We also conducted aMovie Night activity by screening a movie about oceans which was conducted in 2 villages and was attended by 70 people. They really loved this event and asked MDPI team to conduct it more frequently.

“Diskusi Santai tentang Ikan” is a program to discuss the I-Fish data result with fishermen so that they will understand more about the importance of the data and to increase their encouragement in participating in data collection. The meeting was conducted in a supplier’s home, Puang Awing’s home, and was attended by 29 people. This meeting was also a good opportunity for me to learn about the usefulness of data.

Risa (in red shirt) after “Diskusi Santai tentang Ikan” with fishermen. Photo credit: MDPI

The next meeting I was involved in was “Diskusi Santai tentang Perikanan Berkelanjutan”. The objective was to improve engagement and interaction with local port stakeholders, through relationship building and discussing potential issues apparent from analysis of I-Fish data.

A Sustainable Fisheries workshop for students of Sekolah Usaha Perikanan Menengah (SUPM) Bone was the last agenda and it was attended by 47 students. MDPI team gave several presentations about MDPI programs, about fisheries sustainability and about Regional Fishery Management Organisations (RFMO). I was delighted to see the enthusiasm of the students about this workshop.

Enthusiasm of SUPM Bone students. Photo credit: MDPI

From the depth of my heart, I am very grateful to have such a nice experience. I thank MDPI and all the team for giving me the chance to learn about small-scale fisheries. I hope I can join another MDPI program (especially ones which allow me to go to the remote areas) in the future. I wish MDPI all the best and keep inspiring us! 🙂

Writer: Risa Septiana

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