MSC Chain of Custody

6 Jan 2017

MDPI are delighted to be working this year on a special project under the Marine Stewardship Councils Global Fisheries Sustainability Fund. Together with partners AP2HI, IPNLF and UNIDO we are implementing a project which aims to support the tuna Handline and Pole and line companies of AP2HI to work towards meeting the MSC Chain of Custody standard. This is being done in parallel to ongoing work which aims to bring these 2 fisheries to MSC environmental certification in the near future. As part of the project, on the 7th November the partners hosted a workshop entitled “Gap Analysis: Tuna Supply Chains and the MSC COC”. The attendees were mainly private sector, with some additional NGOs, bi-laterals and consultants. General introductions on Chain of Custody and MSC were given, after which our traceability consultant Peter Trott, Fishlistic, gave an overview of the analysis he had conducted on tuna supply chains in Indonesia. Basically, Handline and Pole and Line supply chains, categorized by supply chain type, were audited according to the MSC CoC standard. The report and presentation by Peter Trott gave the companies the opportunity to identify the types of issues which may be prevalent in their type of supply chain and were then given a set of recommendations on how to work through these potential issues. The workshop allowed companies to work through an action planning activity, hopefully giving them the tools and knowledge to develop and work through an improvement process over the coming months. Also, as part of the project, a full-time traceability officer has been instated in AP2HI. Heri, will be on stand-by to work hand-in -hand with the member companies to develop their plans and implement improvements towards MSC COC compliance.

The workshop also hosted a meet and greet session between companies and the potential conformity assessment body (CAB) or auditing bodies which would be employed to go to CoC certification when the time comes… hopefully the project and the workshop are on the right track towards having supply chains ready to handle certified product if and when the fisheries get MSC certified.

This is an exciting project and what is especially great is the fact that we get to work with so many partners, bringing together the expertise from different groups, hopefully all going to support the industry on a topic, traceability, which seems to be getting more complicated and prescriptive by the day. Heri, the AP2HI Traceability Coordinator for this project is going to have a busy year and we hope we can all support him in his work!

Writer: Momo Kochen

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