MDPI Training and Gathering 2015: Bedugul Bali 6-10 October

20 Oct 2015

MDPI recently gathered its entire crew in Bali for a training and empowerment session. The training gathered the team from all corners of the country in an attempt to build capacity, develop team spirit and ultimately to ensure a high level of implementation of activities in all of our field sites. Training development, planning and logistics to congregate 50+ people is not an easy task but we managed and feel that the experience has been a worthwhile and productive activity for the team. Traceability Implementer Zulung shares his experience…

Kaimana, Buru and Seram are words that some people may have simply never heard or seen only in television or during a geography lesson in school, just like me. After the introduction session, I opened the mobile map application on my phone to check the exact location of the areas mentioned by the people who would eat and sleep with me like a brother for the next few days. I immediately felt so grateful that I had chance to meet people from around eastern region of Indonesia and hear their stories.

A total of 48 people from various areas, ranging from Kaimana Papua, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi and Bali assembled to attend Training and Gathering in a resort in the village of Bedugul, Bali from 6 – 10 October 2015. The training was planned by Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) to bring together the entire staff for the first time, aimed to conduct a comprehensive training and a review of the development of the organization.

During the training, there were presented materials on the foundations’ vision and mission. MDPI has a vision on achieving responsible and sustainable fisheries activities and attempting to provide ongoing care for the conservation of fisheries resources and ecosystems of Indonesia and the region. There were also materials presented about MDPI’s main programs: Sustainability, Fair Trade, Traceability, Fishery Improvement Programs and the introduction of the most updated sampling protocols.

Included in the trainings, there were questions and discussions sessions among the participants. There were also sharing sessions from field staffs about their experience, their ups and downs in the field and their suggestions to fellow staffs. To create more excitement, the trainers also provided a variety of interesting  and educational games, ice breaking, exercise sessions, English learning session, team building session and a one-day travelling ‘free-day’ in Bali.

After receiving training with many materials and information, we attended a team building session as the wrap-up of the training. This activity aimed to cultivate the intellect and our cooperation as a group with members who have different backgrounds. This activity reflected the activity in the fields where various staffs must cooperate in dealing with problems that are often encountered. In addition, it was also strengthen the bond of kinship of the entire staff in the frame of a large family of MDPI, a family committed to work with all of our heart to support and to achieve sustainable fisheries in Indonesia from eastern region of the archipelago.

Finally, I and all of the training participants want to say thank you for the committee and all of the trainers, the directors and all of awesome Bali office team for organizing such an amazing and meaningful training for all of the field staffs. I hope the training will be the first of many in the future. We love MDPI.

Mr. Purwanto, one of the board advisors of MDPI gave an opening speech. Photo credit: MDPI

Team building session. Photo credit: MDPI

Writer: Zulung Zach Walyandra

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