MDPI Tidying up Labuhan Lombok

3 Sep 2015
Indah Rufiati

One of the community programs undertaken by the Yayasan Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia’s (MDPI) Lombok Site is a ‘tidy the port’ action. The teams idea to conduct this is relevant, unfortunately due to the large amounts of garbage strewn around the port. The program aims most importantly to raise awareness of the importance of responsible garbage disposal to the community around Labuhan Lombok Fishing Port and to keep the environment clean and healthy.

During August 2015, MDPI team handed over necessary equipment, as requested by the port authority, consisting of six units of trashcans, two units of waste tubes, and one empty recycled. This equipment was handed over to the port authority for the future maintenance, placement and waste management. The handover was officially signed by H. Muhidin, the secretary of Labuhan Lombok Fishing Port and attended by  various port staff, intern students and MDPI Lombok Site staff.

To complement the ‘ tidy the port’ program, MDPI also supported the decoration program to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day by redecorating the gate of Labuhan Lombok fishing port with the village authorities. By supporting and participating in these activities, we, MDPI, can be closely involved with the community and can hopefully give a positive approach for the community development.

MDPI Lombok Site staffs are preparing the trashcans. Photo credit: MDPI

Writers: A. Riza Baroqi and Indah Rufiati

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