MDPI Granted Funding from the Packard Foundation to Continue Strengthening I-Fish in Indonesia

2 Nov 2016

MDPI has recently been awarded funding from the Packard Foundation, for a one year project, with the title “Strengthening Fisheries data Management in Indonesia”. The scope of work of this grant aims to work on the development and strengthening of I-Fish and the related Data Management Committee, DMC, system, with the goal of improving information availability and management, and traceability in small-scale fisheries. The focus will predominantly be on small-scale tuna fisheries, i.e. handline and pole and line, but will also work on the Blue swimming crab fishery, the mud crab fishery, and to some extent on the snapper and grouper fisheries in Indonesia. The main activities of this project are to:

  • Expand the number of data collection sites across eastern Indonesia
  • Develop protocols for I-Fishimplementation, made available online in English and Indonesian
  • Develop the reporting features of I-Fish, such as regular stakeholder-specific reports and a user-friendly online dashboard for accessing data
  • Focus on industry capacity building to encourage and stimulate industry involvement and industry data submission
  • StrengthenI-Fish institutionalisation within the Indonesian government
  • Strengthen existing provincial Data Management Committees (DMCs) and establish new DMCs in new provinces
  • Integrate traceability technology to the I-Fishdatabase
  • Implement a Unique Vessel Identifier system
  • Trial the use of Vessel Monitoring Systems, VMS, to supplement port sampling activities


The core team involved in this project are:

Momo Kochen – Principal Investigator

Deirdre Duggan – Project Leader

Nandana Godjali – Sustainability Manager

Wildan – Sustainability Coordinator

Nuriasih Nababan – Sustainability Associate

Mika Winata – Programmer


These activities are linked to existing MDPI activities such as piloting the Proactive Vessel Registry and the Improving Fisheries Information and Traceability for Tuna, IFITT, project. This project will also allow continued collaborative efforts between MDPI, The Nature Conservancythe International Pole and Line Foundation and Asosiasi Perikanan Pole and Line and Handline Indonesia and most importantly the various Indonesian government departments. MDPI is very grateful to have been awarded this funding from the Packard Foundation and looks forward to an exciting year ahead, continuing to support Indonesian small-scale tuna fisheries management.

DMC Nusa Tenggara Timur. Photo credit: MDPI

Writer: Deirdre Duggan

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