MDPI facilitated the 2nd Data Management Committee (DMC) in the province of North Maluku

7 Aug 2018
Indah Rufiati

MDPI, under the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (USAID SEA) Project, facilitated the 2nd Data Management Committee (DMC) for the province of North Maluku in May 2018.

This meeting was attended by the members of the DMC: representatives of the provincial government, national government, industry, fishermen, NGOs and university.

The meeting aimed to give the DMC members the opportunity to discuss how they want to develop the data and fisheries management for their province; the desired reporting format from the data according to the needs of each stakeholder; the shared six-month workplan based on issues raised during the meeting and to discuss implications of newly introduced regulations for the provincial fisheries.

Pak Abdullah Assegaf, the head of Capture Fisheries in North Maluku, who is also the chairman of DMC North Maluku, explained that the development of fisheries management in North Maluku focuses on the development of five fishery commodities, two of which are tuna and skipjack.

In this meeting, MDPI team presented about the progress of the data collection conducted by MDPI in North Maluku. MDPI also gave I-Fish accounts to the members of DMC so that they can access the result of the data collection. I-Fish is a fishery database system for data collection of from small-scale tuna and skipjack fisheries in Indonesia. I-Fish data is accessible to fishermen and stakeholders such as government, and industry (other parties interested in the data must submit a data request form to the DMC). The data entry process is conducted by enumerators of MDPI.

At the end of the meeting, the DMC prepared a work plan for the next six months for fisheries improvement efforts, such as fighting illegal fishing, strengthening the data collection, FAD (Fish Aggregating Device) data collection, and good onboard fish handling training for fisherman. It is expected that the work plan can be well implemented for the fishery improvement in North Maluku Province and reported on during the next DMC meeting in North Maluku later this year.

Writer: A. Riza Baroqy


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