MDPI Annual Training and Gathering, 2016

13 Mar 2017
Indah Rufiati

Timur, our Regional Supervisor for Maluku gives his thoughts on MDPI’s annual gathering 2016…

MDPI conducted the second annual training and gathering in Adi Jaya Hotel Denpasar, Bali, in October 15 – 23, 2016. The annual event was attended by all MDPI field staff from around Indonesia:Lombok, Kupang, Bitung, Bone, Toli-Toli, Seram, Buru Selatan, Buru Utara, Ambon, Larantuka, Bau-bau, Kendari and Sorong and KaimanaThe total field staff attending were 43, with 23 staff from MDPI headquarter in Bali.

This 2016 annual training and gathering was impressive and did not just focus on bringing us together and ‘gathering’, but focused strongly on building the capacity of the field staff through various trainings and the newest information about the progress of the organization from all departments. Here is the agenda of the event:

  1. To understand the vision and mission of MDPI for new staff
  2. To provide knowledge about Sustainable Fisheries and background to our programs
  3. To train field staff as facilitators
  4. To understand the process and the internal systems in MDPI to make easier all the operational aspects of our work
  5. To strengthen the kinship among all staff from all sites

The first training conducted was Leadership Development, organised by the Communication and Development team (Indah, Nuri, and Deirdre). The participants of this training were all regional and site supervisors and all managers from each department in hope that we can manage the staff and cooperate with other institutions outside MDPI.

Another interesting training was a facilitation technique training conducted by CTC (Coral Triangle Centre). It is really useful for the field staff because we regularly meet with fishermen and other stakeholders. The training was divided into three sessions: games, materials and sharing. The first game given was the “Sungai Kehidupan” telling about the short life story illustrated in pictures. The next game was the truf card game, a trick taking game. It described the importance of communication and coordination in a new location with local people, especially about the rules and regulations in that location since these can vary between locations. The next session gave us material about facilitation technique, by practicing how to be the facilitator in a meeting. The last session was closed by sharing about the experience in the field.

On the following day, there were two trainings. The first was on fish quality given by Anova Seafood Quality and Control staff: Mr. Ahmadi. It was stated that the fish price is not on the quantity but the quality, so the quality is the main key in fish export. The next training was to identify pelagic fish delivered by Mr. Anung from MMAF (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia). This training was started by presentation on how to identify pelagic fish and then followed by fish identification contest. The fish presented were skip jack, yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna, rainbow runner, sardinella, kawa-kawa, bullet tuna and wahoo.

Fish identification training. Photo credit: MDPI

The last training session was a group brain storming. The participants were divided into 4 groups: ‘Vessel registration’, ‘Data Management Committees (DMC)’, ‘Certified Seafood Products’ and ‘Traceability Systems’. This group discussion was really different from usual discussion. It used pictures as a tool to stimulate our mind to think about achieving the goal assigned. All participants were really active in giving opinions or solutions.  Such a nice activity!

Finally the gathering was closed with a refreshing activity of rafting in Ayung River and dinner together with the whole team. We’re very happy and hopefully, the next annual training and gathering will be conducted again with more awesome agendas and trainings. 🙂

Writer: Putra Satria Timur

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