MDPI and IPNLF support a KKP hosted workshop: Harvest Strategies for Indonesian Archipelagic waters, Bogor, May, 2015

5 Jun 2015
Indah Rufiati

A Harvest Control Rules (HCR) workshop was convened by Sumber Daya Ikan (SDI), the fish resources department of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and supported by Yayasan Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) and the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) at the International Convention Center IPB, Bogor on 18 – 22 May, 2015.

The workshop was attended by experts and scientists from various stakeholders: WWF, TNC, SFP, MDPI, IPNLF, AP2HI, other industry associations, WCPFC, IOTC, IPB, IMACS, ISSF, Government of the Maldives, CSIRO, Various MMAF departments and some independent consultants.

Pak Saut Tampubolon from SDI and Mr. Campbell Davies from CSIRO led the five-day’ workshop which had an initial one day public consultation event, aimed to give industry and other stakeholders the opportunity to give input, followed by a 4 day expert workshop, all focused on achieving the following objectives:

1. To introduce the progress and planning to date, to the stakeholder groups, including specifically to industry partners.

2. To bring together experts on the topic of TRPs, LRPs and HS, both Indonesian and international,  to work together to develop initial Reference points for the identified species and WPPs:

– YFT in WPP 713, 714, 715

– SKJ in WPP 713, 714, 715

3. To lay the basis for HS and HCR development based on RP development.

4. To lay the basis for future RP and HS development for all fish stocks in Indonesia by developing a protocol for RP and HS development based on instruction from the expert group.

5. To create an atmosphere of capacity sharing and knowledge transfer between experts  within Indonesia and from the region, specific to WCPFC and IOTC remit.

6. To identify how RP, HS and HCR development may impact social aspects of a fishery.

The basic results of the meeting have been very positive and include: a clear guideline of the data needs for this process including profiling of the data which already exists in Indonesia; background information gathering on process development; profiling of Indonesia’s commitment and responsibilities to the RFMOs, initial model testing for HCR development. A positive step towards achieving the above objectives has occurred and the following next steps are being put in motion to bring the process forward substantially within this year.

–          Scoping and preparatory analysis for follow on workshops: 3-15 August 2015.

–          Technical workshop: 23-28 August 2015 (in conjunction with Stock Assessment training Workshop, RCFMC).

–          Inter-sessional analysis: 16 October 2015.

–          Steering Committee and Technical Working Group teleconference meeting: 20 October 2015.

–          Harvest Strategy Stakeholder workshop: 18 November 2015.

–          Harvest Strategy Technical Workshop: 19-21 November 2015 in Bali.

All participants to the workshop have agreed that the steps made are substantial and that the momentum to develop robust and workable HS for Indonesia is on the right track… a point which is specifically important for the upcoming move towards MSC certification! MDPI would like to take this opportunity to congratulate SDI and the entire government on these important steps forward and we look forward to supporting the process further!

AP2HI: Asosiasi Perikanan Pole & Line dan Handline Indonesia

CSIRO: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

HCR: Harvest Control Rules

HS: Harvest Strategy

IMACS: Indonesia Marine and Climate Support

IOTC: The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

IPB: Institut Pertanian Bogor

ISSF: International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

LRP: Limit Reference Point

MSC: Marine Stewardship Council

RCFMC: Research Center for Fisheries Management and Conservation

RP: Reference Point

SFP: Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

SKJ: Skipjack Tuna

TNC: The Nature Conservancy

TRP: Target Reference Point

WCPFC: The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

WPP: Wilayah Pengelolaan Perikanan

WWF: World Wildlife Fund

YFT: Yellowfin Tuna

Writer: Indah Rufiati

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