Maluku Cultural Congress: MDPI Showcasing Its Work in Small Scale Fisheries and Fair Trade in the Province

23 Dec 2016

Buru Regency Government hosted an annual Kongres Budaya Maluku (Maluku Culture Congress) in Lapangan Pattimura, Namlea City. The purpose of the event was to promote the various cultural aspects of Maluku, especially Buru Island, to the local and international community. It was also aimed to re-engage the younger generation to revive interest in the local culture so that it is sustained into the future.

Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) has several sites in Buru that are involved in the Fair Trade, traceability and data collection programs of MDPI. MDPI was invited to participate in the event to promote MDPI Programs, especially the Fair Trade Program. The Fair Trade program in Buru is highly recognised by the community through the Fair Trade premium fund (calculated as a percentage of the ex-vessel price of fish) for community projects, such as to improve village infrastructure, to build waste bins near the sea, to develop sea turtle conservation program and to plant trees.

From left to right: Djamal, Huda (MDPI), Mr. Wim Manuhutu (A Researcher and Former Maluku Museum Director in Netherland), and Mr. Adam Umasugi (Head of DKP Buru). Photo credit: MDPI

The event was attended by notable attendees such as Tourism Minister, Mr. Arief Yahya, and staff; Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture of Indonesia, Ms. Puan Maharani, and staff; Vice Governor of Maluku Mr. Zeith and staff; Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah (SKPD) Provinsi Maluku; Head of Buru Regency, Mr. Ramly Umasugi and Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah (SKPD) Kabupaten Buru, and people from Buru Iqra University. The attendees showed a great interest and even surprise at the extent of the MDPI programs, which aim to support sustainability both environmentally and socially. Academic people from Buru Iqra University also praised MDPI’s work in achieving Fair Trade certification for yellowfin tuna and MDPI’s work in data collection to support government’s effort in sustainable fisheries management.

The MDPI team was delighted for the opportunity to attend this event and engage further with the stakeholders and interested parties to sustainable small scale fisheries. Hopefully MDPI’s work will continue to give positive contributions to Buru Regency in general and to the fishing communities in particular.

Thanks to Huda and Djamal for representing MDPI at the event! Well done, you make us proud! 🙂

Writer: Prayoga Miftahul Huda

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