Look at those smiles!!!! Would you believe it’s because of Data?! Cruiseship data dissemination in Lombok.

4 Oct 2017
Indah Rufiati

MDPI’s Indah and Nuri travelled to Lombok Timur on June 8 – 10 to conduct several activities: I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship, Short Lecture on Fisheries Sustainability and Movie Night. The same events were conducted last year during Ramadhan fasting month as well. During the trip, we were working together with the field team: Juhrin, Hadi, Taeran, Joe, Bambang and Ali.

The main objective of the I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship “Diskusi Santai tentang Ikan bersama Nelayan” was to discuss the I-Fish data collected from Labuhan Lombok with small-scale handline tuna fishermen. By conducting this event annually, we hope that it will improve their understanding of the importance of the data collection to support Indonesian government in achieving fisheries sustainability. To hold this event, we made presentations and posters with analysis on production of fishing ground, bycatch species, baitfish use and length frequency of yellowfin tuna.

27 fishermen and some staff from Fishing Port attended this data dissemination event and some of the fishermen told us that they already attended the same event we held last year. The participants were not always the same fishermen from last year because fishermen in Lombok Timur are “andon” fishermen which means, they come from outside of Lombok Timur, such as from Mandar, Sulawesi Barat or from Sinjai and Bone, Sulawesi Selatan, so they will sail back and forth from Sulawesi Island to Lombok Island. After the data presentation and discussion session, we closed the event with quiz and Ramadhan fasting break (buka puasa bersama).

MDPI team and the participants of I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship. Photo credit: MDPI

In the evening after Ramadhan praying time, we screened a movie about marine ecosystems in the fishing port to attract people around the fishing port, especially fishermen, to watch an educational movie about the importance of ocean ecosystem and that all of us are responsible to take care of it. In total, 20 people joined the movie night program.

The following day, we travelled from our office in Lombok Timur to Tanjung Luar to visit SMK N 1 Keruak High School. The headmaster, Bapak Mahmuza warmly greeted us and assisted us to go to the meeting hall to start the Short Lecture on Fisheries Sustainability in front of his students. The event was opened by Bapak Mahmuza, followed by Hadi who presented about MDPI programs and updates. Nuri continued by presenting the I-Fish data and explained about the I-Fish data system. As the final presentation, Indah delivered a presentation on introduction of fisheries sustainability. In total, there were 49 students, 5 teachers and Bapak Mahmuza who participated in this event. Students and teachers were very glad that MDPI held this event in their school and they hope that MDPI and SMK N 1 Keruak will have more collaboration in the future, especially for internship program.

Group picture in SMK N 1 Keruak. Photo credit: MDPI

We would like to thank all of the participants who joined our events. Their enthusiasm is our fuel to continue improving our work towards fisheries sustainability in Indonesia. Please see our Facebook Page for more pictures 🙂

Writer: Indah Rufiati


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