Inauguration of Crab Management Program in Kaimana

16 Nov 2015
Indah Rufiati

DKP Kaimana Regency, collaborating with Conservation International and Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI), held a meeting with crab fishery stakeholders in Kaimana Beach Hotel on September 28, 2015. The main agenda of the meeting: A provincial level mud crab Fishery Improvement Program (FIP). This meeting main aim was to build cooperation between stakeholders in order to determine the direction of the agreed work to address the problem of mud crab fisheries. Many fishery stakeholders attended the meeting from government, business, academia, fishers and NGOs.

DKP Kaimana represented by Ms. Ika, as Head of Production, stated their support to this program. During this time, Kaimana, which is one of the areas known as a large producer of mangrove crab, must be prepared to face the challenges of fisheries management. With the increasing demand for crab both nationally and globally, good management is expected to maintain the availability of crabs in the long term by providing a balance situation between the income of fishers and crab availability in the fishery.

This activity is part of the Blue Carbon program of Conservation International, this project focusing on the aspect of sustainable utilization of fisheries. One of Kaimana’s main crab producing areas, Arguni district, is included in water conservation areas that also have been set out formally by DKP Kaimana and customary by the traditional elders of Arguni.

At the meeting, stakeholders also discussed any issues that are likely to be a problem within crab fishery management and how to find solutions. From the discussion, it was agreed that a co-management is needed to facilitate the crab fishery management. At the end of the meeting, government agreed to sign a commitment to the formation of the co-management. An initial meeting will be held to form a Steering Committee to establish co-management institution of crab fishery management.

Follow-up efforts of this activity is to connect mud crab fishery business people with prospective buyers in Bali, especially high-end restaurants with strong focus on their sourcing policies. Some trials of crab delivery have been conducted and crab from the project has been served up in Pica Restaurant, Ubud during last month’s Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, 2015.

Writer: Wiro Wirandi and Indah Rufiati

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