IFITT Site update: Maluku 2015

20 Jan 2016
Indah Rufiati

Monitoring and evaluation (MonEv) of  the IFITT (Improving Fisheries Information and Traceability for Tuna) project pilot in Maluku was conducted by our Traceability Coordinator Lalu from 3 – 7 December in PT. Harta Samudera and the related supply chain. The main objectives of the MonEv: 1) Summary of production data and data entry on the ThisFish website; 2) Preparation of the implementation of traceability technology in PT. Harta Samudera.

Production recapitulation data is the data recording on each production stage from raw material acceptance to the shipment (export process). Since the IFITT program started, many recommended improvements have been implemented and subsequently adopted by the processing plant. The latest improvement was conducted in August and it brings positive impact to the accuracy and quality of the production data record.

In 2015, IFITT expanded the site from 2 areas to 4 areas in Maluku: Central Maluku, Buru, South Buru and Seram. Traceable product exported in 2015 reached 198,510 kg consisting of 115,680 kg from Fair Trade (http://fairtradeusa.org/certification/producers/seafood ) fishers and 82,830 kg from non-Fair Trade fishers. The entire traceable product has a code attached on the product label  which when entered into the ThisFish website (www.thisfish.info) will tell the consumer the entire story of the products journey from source to store. Try and trace this code for an example: C223901

Technology Innovation towards Sustainability, The ‘NWO project’ project is currently entering its technology installation phase with imminent site testing of both the software and hardware  traceability technology. Ecotrust Canada are the technology provider partners in the project and have worked to build a software prototype that ready to be simulated in February 2016 and installed in March 2016. At this monev occasion, we, along with the company, reviewed whether the software is functioning properly and in accordance with the needs of the production plant. The result of the review has already been sent to the Ecotrust team… its gearing up to be an exciting system and all involved are looking forward to its installation soon.

Lalu’s hardwork and his Monev session was closed with a consultation meeting with Mr. Robert Tjoanda, the head of PT. Harta Samudera, to discuss about the findings and recommendations from the process. The result… both MDPI and Harta Samudra will have a good reference to improve the traceability system starting afresh in 2016. This is a good way to welcome in 2016, isn’t it?

Good work Lalu and the whole traceability team. 2016 is going to be a heavy lift but an exciting one!!  

Writer: Lalu Hizbulloh

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