IFITT Management Team Meet Again in New Orleans for 2nd Annual Meeting

13 Mar 2015
Indah Rufiati

IFITT team International!!

Last 12-13 Feb 2015, the IFITT Team;  Simon Bush, Paul Van Zwieten, Megan Bailey (Wageningen University /WUR),  Momo , Stephani (MDPI) and Eric Enno Tamm(ThisFish)  met again for our 6 month action research cycle meeting  in New Orleans,  Lousiana US as a follow on to attending the International Safood Summit.

The output plan of the meeting  :

  • To overview the  activities completed, implemented and yet to be completed; key points to discuss in detail during subsequent sessions
  • Inventory and status of data points covered, and Identify gaps for subsequent discussions
  • Narrative account of the traceability challenges faced by ThisFish/MDPI,
  • 6 month implementation plan  and further action

For the updates, WUR  gave updates on papers, grants, results; ThisFish  gave summaries of activities completed and underway; and  MDPI gave summary of activities completed and underway.

Highlights from last 6 months: Under the IFITT program, 180.4 tons tuna product already has a ThisFish trace code and it produced from 4 different fishery management areas (FMA ) with detail 3.2 tons from FMA 573, 17.6 tons from FMA 713,  14 ton from FMA 714 and 145.6 tons from FMA  715.

Outlook for next 6 months:

  • We have just been approved another grant which will integrate into and supplement the existing IFITT project, called  ‘Technology innovations towards sustainability in Indonesia’s tuna supply chains‘.
  • Additionally a collaboration with 50 in 10, Future of Fish and Tone in a project called Mfish will look at connecting mobile technology with the IFITT traceability.
  • A new focus on downstream supply chain actors aims to bring more potential buyers for the traceable product to the table
  • A great meeting, some great outcomes and an exciting year ahead!

Writer: Stephani Mangunsong

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