IFITT Management Team Meet Again in New Orleans for 2nd Annual Meeting

13 Mar 2015
Indah Rufiati

IFITT team International!!

Last 12-13 Feb 2015, the IFITT Team;  Simon Bush, Paul Van Zwieten, Megan Bailey (Wageningen University /WUR),  Momo , Stephani (MDPI) and Eric Enno Tamm(ThisFish)  met again for our 6 month action research cycle meeting  in New Orleans,  Lousiana US as a follow on to attending the International Safood Summit.

The output plan of the meeting  :

• to overview the  activities completed, implemented and yet to be completed; key points to discuss in detail during subsequent sessions
•Inventory and status of data points covered, and Identify gaps for subsequent discussions
•Narrative account of the traceability challenges faced by ThisFish/MDPI,
•6 month implementation plan  and further action

For the updates, WUR  gave updates on papers, grants, results  ; ThisFish  gave summaries of activities completed and underway; and  MDPI gave summary of activities completed and underway.

Highlights from last 6 months: Under the IFITT program, 180.4 tons tuna product already has a ThisFish trace code and it produced from 4 different fishery management areas (FMA ) with detail 3.2 tons from FMA 573, 17.6 tons from FMA 713,  14 ton from FMA 714 and 145.6 tons from FMA  715.

Outlook for next 6 months:

-We have just been approved another grant which will integrate into and supplement the existing IFITT project, called  ‘Technology innovations towards sustainability in Indonesia’s tuna supply chains‘.
-Additionally a collaboration with 50 in 10, Future of Fish and Tone in a project called Mfish will look at connecting mobile technology with the IFITT traceability.
-A new focus on downstream supply chain actors aims to bring more potential buyers for the traceable product to the table
-A great meeting, some great outcomes and an exciting year ahead!z

Writer: Stephani Mangunsong

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