I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship and Stakeholders’ Workshop in Lombok

18 Jul 2016

MDPI’s Communications and Development team (Deirdre, Nuri and Indah) and Fishery Improvement team (Wildan, Juhrin, Riza, Bambang, Hadi, Taeran, Joe) held another I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship meetingand a Data Workshop for port stakeholders, “Diskusi Santai tentang Perikanan Berkelanjutan”, in Lombok on June 20th and 21st.

I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship

Just like the previous I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship in Maluku, the objective of the cruiseship was to discuss the I-Fish data collected from Labuhan Lombok with local fishermen to improve their understanding and awareness of data collection activities and sustainability issues.

For this event, MDPI team prepared presentations and posters with analysis on production per fishing ground, bycatch species, fuel use and length frequencies for yellowfin. Individual graphs of catch volumes per captain based on MDPI sampling were also produced and distributed to the captains.

Deirdre opened the discussion, followed by Wildan, who gave a presentation about updates in MDPI programs and then Nuri presented the I-Fish data from Lombok for years 2015 and 2016. In total 25 fishermen attended the discussions.

As it is the holy month of Ramadan, to close the discussion, MDPI team held buka puasa bersama (break the fast together) with fishermen to improve the community relationship with MDPI

In the evening, MDPI screened a marine documentary with an open invitation to people in the port. The purpose of the movie night is to raise awareness about Endangered Threatened and Protected (ETP) species and general marine conservation within the community. In total 40 people joined the cinema program. Check out our Facebook page for more photos from the event.

Data Workshop for Port Stakeholders

The objective of the Data Workshop for Port Stakeholders was to improve engagement and interaction with local port stakeholders, through relationship building and discussing potential issues apparent from analysis of I-Fish data.

After a brief speech from Bapak Sigit, as the head of fishing port, Riza (MDPI regional Supervisor for NTT/NTB) gave a presentation about MDPI activities; Deirdre gave presentation about I-Fish data (similar to the presentation during the Cruiseship meeting with fishermen the day before) and Wildan gave presentation about fish identification, specifically focusing on juvenile yellowfin and bigeye.

Eight local stakeholders, including captains and suppliers, attended the meeting and they were enthusiastic to discuss the I-Fish data presented by Deirdre. There was a good discussion from the participants about the data, the fishing season change, the fishing ground and bycatch.

MDPI plans to conduct this program in other sites in the coming months. Check out our Facebook page for more photos from the event. Keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter for more updates!


Diskusi Santai Tentang Perikanan Berkelanjutan with local stakeholders in Lombok site. Photo credit: MDPI

Writer: Indah Rufiati

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