Co-management is a form of collaborative management which supports participation of industry, fishermen and other stakeholders in management processes. I-Fish supported Data Management Committees are held at provincial level.

Number of DMC Meeting Attended

Industry participation is seen as extremely important for fisheries management development in Indonesia. As the government begins to encourage industry input it is important for industry to show their support and attend meetings related to this. This section aims to identify industry who are actively engaged in supporting fisheries management.

Community based surveillance can support the combatting of illegal fishing and can support the protection of resources. Locally developed surveillance units termed POKMASWAS are supported by the Indonesian government.

Industry associations allow for industry to collaboratively advocate for stronger management, to devise collaborative approaches for sustainability and to  strive for large scale improvements. This section aims to highlight industries who are participating in this movement.

Harta Samudra is a member of AP2HI, an industry association representing pole and line and handline fisheries of Indonesia’. And hyperlink AP2HI with this link