Government to distribute 4 fishing vessels to Fisher-ladies in Kaimana, West Papua

24 May 2016

Background of the fishing vessel initiative by DKP

Data is considered very important in determining policy. For that reason, MDPI has been supporting the local fishery in collecting mudcrab fishery data in Arguni, Kaimana for almost 8 months. The data collected by MDPI is shared to Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan (DKP) Kaimana. Due to this new collaborative approach by the fisher women in data gathering, data sharing and participating in a locally developed Fishery Improvement Program (FIP), DKP Kaimana has become aware that the fisher women in Kaimana are spending 8 hours a day at sea to meet the economic needs of the households while only using a very simple wooden rowboat… a heavy workload for these local ladies! Identifying these aspects of the fishery has motivated the government to provide 4 fishing vessels to aid and facilitate the daily work of these mudcrab fishers and as a stimulant for the fishers to push the passion and commitment to the sustainability of the mudcrab fishery.

Fishing boat distribution at a glance

Fibre vessels, 3.5 meters length and equipped with ketinting engine (around 5 Horse Power) is the support from West Papua provincial government to fishers in Kaimana, with DKP Kaimana acting as the executor of the program. According to the Head of Production DKP Kaimana, this is the allocation of aid transportation to the local fishers from fiscal year 2015. The number of fishing boats distributed as aid to the Arguni is 4 boats for 4 fishers for 2015; it will be possible the activity may be repeated in 2016for FIP fishers again.

The recipients

The DKP chose four recipients, each one representing 1 of four fisher groups from the FIP fishers in Tugarni Group, Kaimana. These names were determined after a discussion with MDPI staff based on their production data from 2015. The 4 lucky recipients of the vessels are:

  1. Ibu Nova Syakema from Kampung Afu-Afu
  2. Ibu Angganeta Bari from Kampung Tugarni
  3. Ibu Henderina Nega from Kampung Bayeda
  4. Ibu Martha Wayara from Kampung Moyana

These fishing vessels were given for personal use and not for a group of fishers and based on the Technical and Implementation Guidelines of the West Papua provincial government.

MDPI is very delighted that the FIP fishers are receiving recognition from government for their commitment in supporting a sustainable fishery.

Writer: Karel Yerusa

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