Fishermen’s Folk Party (Pesta Rakyat Nelayan) in Bone

31 May 2017
Indah Rufiati

To celebrate the 687th Anniversary of Bone Regency on April 6, people in Toro Village, Tanete Riattang Timur District, Bone Regency organised a fishermens’ tradition called “Pesta Rakyat Nelayan” (Fishermen Folk Party). MDPI staff in Bone, Sahril and Alwi were asked to join in the party as the committee of the celebration.

This year’s celebrations were conducted in Balakang and aimed to build stronger friendships between fishermen, village government and the community. As part of the celebrations, there was a fishing competition, Qur’an reading competition for the kids, adzan competition and makkaremo (catching fish with bare hands). In this event, fishermen also gave a traditional performance called madduppatasi (a story about how fishermen are greeted by their wives after a fishing trip).

This event was attended by the head of regency, the vice head of regency, the head of DPRD, the head of district and the head of village, as well as teachers in Bone Regency. MDPI is very grateful to be involved in this cultural activity. It strengthens the friendship between MDPI and at the end of the day, better friendship means better collaboration in the future ? ?

Writer: Sahril


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