Fisheries Analyst

10 Apr 2018

Job Vacancy Consultant: Fisheries Analyst

 JOB FUNCTION: The Fisheries Analyst will work with the I-Fish database to develop systems and standards for extracting and sharing data from the I-Fish database for events and stakeholders, focusing on understanding fishing activities and on improving fisheries management in Indonesia.

The consultant analyst will be responsible to the Program Director and will work on a variety of tasks related to developing system for analysis and dissemination of data. The Fisheries Analyst will use their knowledge of small-scale fisheries operations, fisheries management and / or learn quickly to support the production of analyses for various co-management meetings, national level management developments, RFMO reporting requirements and any other type of data report required for MDPI’s activities. Extracting and formatting data required for specific market certifications and for industry needs is also covered by this position.



  • Develop a reporting and analysis system for the I-Fish port sampling data that contributes to a variety of MDPI activities and meeting attendance (examples include Data Management Committees, fishermen meetings, evidence for market certifications, RFMO reporting requirements, catch estimate workshops, etc.)
  • Develop the I-Fish stakeholder interface system, allowing authorized users to interactively select and download analysis and information from the I-Fish database
  • Develop an analysis system for the deployment of simple Vessel Monitoring Systems and Time-Lapse cameras on small-scale fishing vessels
  • Develop innovative scientific methods, analyses, tools, and frameworks to address the needs of small-scale fisheries.



  • BSc degree in fisheries, or relevant field;
  • Strong analytical skills. Experience with RStudio, Shiny, PGAdmin, MySQL, LaTeX, and other relevant software for databases, statistics, GIS is a must
  • Able to synthesize large amounts of information and to focus quickly on what analysis and data are required to answer and address a specific topic
  • Experience tailoring analysis and reports to match with stakeholder backgrounds and understanding, making the data and information accessible in a format that suits their needs
  • An understanding of fisheries monitoring, fisheries management, fisheries stock assessments, impact of fishing, of small-scale fisheries operations, supply chains, common fishery management tools and compliance or data-poor fisheries issues
  • Strong interpersonal skills, capable of interacting professionally with a variety of stakeholders, from fishermen to industry players, government officials at various levels and RFMO and university partners
  • Highly organized, flexible and able to balance multiple deadlines, excellent written and oral communication skills.


  • MSc in relevant field, with a focus on analyzing large datasets;
  • Experience with spatial and video analysis of fisheries data
  • Basic understanding of market certifications, such as the Marine Stewardship Council and Fair Trade and of the various Regional Fisheries Management Organisations
  • Considerate of sensitive data
  • Good English skills
  • Knowledge of small-scale operations in Indonesia or Asia


The consultant is expected to work remotely, dedicating an estimated 4-8 days per month on the contract work. The consultant is expected to be flexible in availability to match the activities of MDPI. The number of days per month may vary depending on the upcoming activities and meetings in the MDPI calendar requiring data analysis. The period of contract is for six months initially, after which progress and further steps will be reviewed. Remuneration will be based on experience

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