Fisher Logbook Training in Seram, Maluku and Toli-toli, Central Sulawesi

24 May 2016

Fair Trade is an MDPI program that requires of the certified fishery that information about the origin of the fish, the trip details, etc. is collected and stored. The Fair Trade Capture Fisheries Standard requires that 50% of the catch data is recorded by Year 0 (entry level to the certification) audit, 75% by Year 3 audit and 100% by Year 6 audit. To fulfill the Fair Trade requirement, data collection for information such as who caught the fish, the catch per trip, the amount of bycatch per trip and whether there was any sighting/interaction with an Endangered, Threatened or Protected species, needs to be recorded. The type of information is that which is typically recorded in a logbook. Initial implementation of this data collection was done by suppliers/middlemen at the landing sites, but uptake was not very good. Hence MDPI has changed tactics and is now requiring the fishermen themselves to collect the data.

To achieve this goal, MDPI conducted Fisher Log training in Seram, Maluku in December 2015 and in Toli-toli, Central Sulawesi in February 2016. MDPI’s staffs Mei in Seram and Ufu in Toli-toli explained to Fair Trade fishermen about how to record the data and fill in the Fisher Log forms made and provided by MDPI. By conducting the training, MDPI hopes to improve the ability of fishermen to record the data independently, to identify the species involved, reducing the need for MDPI staff to collect all data and hence also the costs of implementation

MDPI emphasized that recording catch data is also very important to know the amount of fish caught by fishermen so that they can predict and calculate the amount of Fair Trade premium fund of each Fishers Association will obtain (about 10% of the selling price of tuna after the unloading process/dock price).


Fishermen attending the Fisher Log Training. Photo credit: MDPI



Screenshot of the Fisher Log

Writer: La Ode Maaruf and Meilen Louth

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